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Employee training system

Wanqi training system is based on the online studying, according to employees’ career planing schedule, we divided them into few levels, which is new stuff training, pre-working training, professional and leadership training those four levels. Meanwhile based on our company strategy and business requirement, we provide international cultural and some basic public trainings. The multifunctional training center can provide you a nice and modern studying environment. Currently, Wanqi company owns 320,000 square meters using land, which can provide 10000 people study there. Except this, the company also has a 6000 square meters internship factory.
OLM online learning system: it includes online study, online exam, electronic
New staff training:help employees to understand the company value, culture, and know the basic business process and rules
Pre-working training: help new employees to develop their working skills
Professional training: according to the job standard, it has 16 mainstreams, 57 specialties, and 3 grades those three different knowledge and skills training.
Public training:it is for all the employees and employers training, it includes international and cultural studying.
Leadership training: it is for different levels of leader, in order to help them to set a correct leadership attitude, improve their management ability
Top leader training: invite the well-known professor to give lecture to leaders  around the economy, culture and management area

Tutor system
Wanqi company owns an effective tutor system, which can help new employees to get used to the new working environment. Supervisor may guid the new staff in both working and personal life, and help them to overcome the difficulties.

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