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Based on the concept of helping employees succeed. To enhance staff post competency force, our company carried out a series of staff development initiatives. As followings:

1、The master worker took duty system: New employees learn from older employees one-on-one. Master worker to lead the new employees as soon as possible to adapt to the working environment, improve job skills & guide new employee career development plans.

2、Our company provide two sequences (management and professional) & 16 big system of career development channel .

Two of the sequence development channel as follows:

(1) Management channels: new employees - director - section chief, secretary, director, assistant President and above the head of the company

(2) Professional channels: the new staff, primary, intermediate, advanced, experts, senior experts

3、Employee Career Management: In order to promote both the growth of employees and the company development ,our Corporation carry out an employees' career management activities.

(1) Organizational development process: evaluate the employee to be recommended, formulate development plans to implement development plan, realize the goal of career development

(2) Personal development process: Self declaration to career development intention to register, career planning, career development plan and career development goals

Human resources department focus on the development process of organizational level, and personal focus on the development process of the individual level. and finally realizes the organic unity between the two.

4、 The diversity of growth opportunities: The company provide employees with a variety of methods such as job rotation, transfer, competition mount guard, to help employees get the knowledge, skills and experience needed for the career development.

(1) The employee job rotation system: let employees in different positions to get improve knowledge and skills;

(2) Job-transfer: working in the competent for this position, on the basis of staff is willing to work in the other post and have corresponding opening, you may apply for job-transfer

(3) Competition for a post: when a company has an important positions opening, and the department is not the right person. In this condition all employees have the opportunity to participate in company hired

(4) Paid to read: the company selected a group of excellent employees sent to domestic and foreign famous universities every year for related degree.

(5) Job rotation and deputy temporary: corporation offer an opportunity of job rotation and deputy credentials. Help the cadre extension management skills so that they can stand on a higher point of view, a comprehensive systematic thinking and problem solving.

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