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Advanced technology

Zhengzhou City Wanqi Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd is equipped with modern means of research and development. It ranked forehead on the comprehensive strength of research and development and integrated innovation ability. For instance, on mineral, gold, copper, iron, etc processing equipment. In engineering machinery molding system, transmission system, working device and energy-saving technology etc, we have a number of core technology.


Quality guarantee

Wanqi adhering to the "elaborate design, elaborate manufacture" concept. In the process of designing and manufacturing, we fully considering the temperature, pressure, speed, flow velocity, impact load, material wear, material properties and tolerance, etc. So as to ensuring that all our Products can be efficient, durable and energy- saving to meet the demand of our clients’using requirement.

Powerful network
After a long period of development and construction, our company have established a huge and powerful dealers group at home and abroad, which formed a nationwide and worldwide sales network.We have the ability to fully ensure the client’s needs. We can say that Where you can buy Wanqi equipment, where you can buy the accessories.

Have nearly 200 dealers across the country, has formed the perfect sales network, can effectively guarantee the mainland client’s purchasing purpose.

We have sales network and marketing service in nearly 30 countries and regions in the world, which can guarantee overseas client’s purchasing purpose.


Logistic network

Our company have the characteristics of quickly responded and comprehensivly e covered logistics network. Presently we have an area of 20000 square meters modern logistics center,which equipped with all kinds of hardward facilities and information management system.We have reached industry leading level in standard operation of shipment, enough stock on ready goods, timely and effectively delivery response and monitor during the transit.


Convenient service 

Information service platform

Users only need to provide some basic information, such as the function and the quantity according to they self requirement, we can accurately complete the order, shipment and a series of operation process within 24 hours.

Considerable user support

We provide tailored training programs, training services and visit key customers on a regular basis to establish communication mechanism with customers, to offer a solution for the problem of user’s feedback timely.

After-sale service guarantee

Commit to provide 3 months’ warranty service for the saled products.We have the free call center, it can accept and handle our client’s complaints and Suggestions 24 hours a day to ensure that the client’s issues can get fast delivery, effective tracking. And dealed with successfully eventually.

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